About Us


   Joe Bateman - MML President

  • 15 years experience in materials engineering (expert failure analysis, fracture/fatigue,  metallurgy, NDT, and SEM/EDS analysis) for Martin MetLabs.


  • 5 years experience in failure analysis, fatigue/fracture, and vibratory analysis for major aerospace contractor.  Technical expert for many gas turbine and rocket engine component failure investigations.


  • 5 years experience as chief metallurgist for Atlanta-based steel mill.  Performed all production metallography and failure analysis.

   Mark Poormon

  • 15 years experience in materials engineering (expert fatigue/fracture testing, metallography, failure analysis, NDT, and quality assurance) for Martin MetLabs.


  • 20 years experience in fatigue/fracture testing and design, on-wing NDT inspections for U.S.A.F. fighter aircraft turbine engines, and ISO 9001 quality auditing/technical procedure writing for major aerospace contractor.  Holds U.S. Patent for crack growth rate measuring instrument design and fabrication.


  • 5 years experience in offshore endurance test operations, production motor quality control (including in-situ test, teardown, and evaluation), and fuel system development for major marine propulsion company.  Over 4,000 hrs of high speed test boat operation.