About Us

Martin MetLabs is an independent service organization offering extensive technical expertise along with state-of-art laboratory facilities for solving materials engineering problems.  Our primary focus is failure analysis, materials characterization, forensic metallurgy, expert witnessing and product improvement/product development.  

Our  experienced staff of technicians and engineers are our greatest resource and possess both academic as well as the practical expertise to understand all facets of mechanical and metallurgical engineering, failure analysis and nondestructive evaluation.  In fact, all team members have many years of very diverse technical backgrounds in military, space, commercial and industrial machinery and manufacturing processes.  As a result, MML can review the reliability of processes and products for a for a variety of industries including aerospace, transportation, heavy industry, energy, marine and consumer products

One of the real strengths of our technical services lies in the inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving.  The is particularly important for obtaining root cause solutions to any scientific failure investigation.  Martin MetLabs experts work closely with their customers for the purpose of analyzing and evaluating prototype and production compliance with engineering specifications.  We can examine your materials engineering problem with objectivity and without undue influence from internal consensus, political climate or any other historical prospective.  Rest assured that all work performed at MML is done with strict confidentiality.  

Martin MetLabs is also equipped with the finest laboratory equipment available today.  This has proved to be an invaluable asset whether challenged with complex materials investigations or performing routine inspections and tests.  The results are consistently accurate, timely and cost effective.  We recognize that our company's success and growth is predicated on the ability to meet or exceed our customers'  requirements in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost.  

We encourage all of our customers to visit our facility in Stuart, FL so that they might see first hand why Martin MetLabs is considered to be one of the finest materials engineering laboratories anywhere.  


   Joe Bateman - MML President 

  • 20 years experience in materials engineering (expert failure analyst, fatige/fatigue,  metallurgy, NDT, and SEM/EDS analysis) for Martin MetLabs.


  • 5 years experience in failure analysis, fatigue/fracture, and vibratory analysis for major aerospace contractor.  Technical expert for many gas turbine and rocket engine component failure investigations.


  • 5 years experience as chief metallurgist for Atlanta-based steel mill.  Performed all production metallography and failure analysis.
  • Bachelors of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institue of Technology, Atlanta, GA

  • Masters of Metallurgical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA


   Mark Poormon

  • 20 years experience in materials engineering (expert failure analyst, non-destructive testing, fatigue and fracture testing, quality assurance and metallographyfor Martin MetLabs.


  • 20 years experience in fatigue/fracture testing and design, on-wing NDT inspections for U.S.A.F. fighter aircraft turbine engines, and ISO 9001 quality auditing/technical procedure writing for major aerospace contractor.  Holds U.S. Patent for crack growth rate measuring instrument design and fabrication.


  • 5 years experience in offshore endurance test operations, production motor quality control (including in-situ test, teardown, and evaluation), and fuel system development for major marine propulsion company.  Over 4,000 hrs of high speed test boat operation.